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Founded in 2006

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Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA

Adasphere was born from maps.

Our formative experiences as cartographers and geographers—across the United States and internationally—laid the foundation for a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to simplifying challenges and solving problems.

Automating mass production of specialized print maps, writing terrain and imagery analysis tools, building web-based maps of endangered species habitats, developing software that could find drug traffickers hiding out under dense tree canopies or analyze the downwind impacts of air pollution—it was wide-ranging initiatives such as these that taught us how to work across and unify disciplines and how to match the right technology to emerging and ongoing needs.

Our experience in the world of federal contracting showed us good people who were doing good work, but who were too often hampered by the red tape and the unique challenges of government. They were aching for a better way to get things done: to dig in, to take ownership, to be more efficient, creative, nimble, and successful. To find joy in the work.

And we knew we could help.

Since our start in a tiny office in Charlottesville in 2006, Adasphere has expanded well beyond mapmaking and GIS, encompassing cloud migration, visual design services, data analysis, policy support, and database development and management. We are management consultants, data scientists, graphic designers, systems analysts, and programmers. We are the hub of an extensive network of economists, statisticians, engineers, scientists, researchers, and regulatory experts who can amplify your work and advance your cause.

But the essence of the map—its form, its function—still guides us today.

Good maps are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, orienting us in our immediate surroundings and the greater world. They help us move from point A to point B, telling us how long it will take and showing us quicker or easier alternatives for crossing difficult terrain. Maps are beautiful, and it is a delightful irony that we can get so lost in an illustration whose sole purpose is to help us find our way.

With a good map, we successfully navigate—and we arrive safely. This is what Adasphere seeks for each and every one of our partners: to help them navigate the complex and often perplexing business and technological landscape and arrive safely at lean and agile solutions that help leaders and their organizations thrive.

Adasphere's values